About the role

As the Founding Product Engineer, you’ll work alongside the co-founder/CTO to build the foundation of Rally's User Research CRM. You’ll be working across the full tech stack from React components to the API layer to build 0 to 1 products. Joining as a Foundering Engineer, you'll also help the founders build the company culture from the ground up.


  • You’re a user-driven, kind, scrappy engineer who loves shipping code.

  • You’re a builder at heart who values putting the user experience above all else.

  • While passionate about learning new technologies, you understand technology is a means to an end

  • You're not afraid to get your hands dirty in an unfamiliar part of codebase to get the job done

  • You love moving fast. You know when to take shortcuts and when to dive deep.

  • You’re autonomous and communicative. You have strong opinions that are loosely held. You challenge the status quo but are quick to find common ground.

  • You bring your authentic self to work every day.

  • You are a team player and treat everyone with respect, including our users.


  • Own large portions of the product and work with the founder/CTO to build out new features

  • Work across the fullstack (React, Node, GraphQL) to turn Figma mock ups into working product

  • Ensure the product maintains a high bar for security, privacy, reliability, performance, and code quality


  • Fullstack Typescript

  • Relay

  • React (Next.js)

  • GraphQL

  • Prisma

  • Postgres


  • You have experience developing and maintaining complex web applications

  • You have experience building components with React

  • You have experience working with Javascript/Typescript

  • You have experience with SQL

About the interview

  • Meet with founder for introduction call (30 minutes)

  • Coding exercise (2 hours)

  • Meet with team (30 minutes)

Why you should join Rally

Rally makes it easy for Product, Design, and UX Research teams to talk to their users.

We believe continuous user research is the key to uncovering real problems and honing in on the right solutions. We want to help companies get closer to their users so they can bring better products to market.

User Research is a nascent function at SaaS companies and growing 40% YoY. It’s an underserved segment of the market that relies on disjointed, manual tooling (i.e. spreadsheets) that drive massive inefficiencies in their workflow.

We’re starting by solving the most burning pain point in user research today: recruiting your own users for research. We’re doing this by building the world’s best User Research CRM - a platform that automates outreach, screening, scheduling, incentives, and participant tracking, all in one place.

Apply for Founding Software Engineer (Full Stack)